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4U eATX LGA1366 Server

The major features of C480L are, the aluminum extrusion hold-down card clamp can be adjusted by forward, backward, up, down, left, right direction in order to meet different air flow requirement from cooling fans. Furthermore, it uses the metallurgy die-casting handles that are extremely durable mechanism for the whole chassis. It uses SGCC 1.0mm thickness of sheet metal that the edges or the other parts of section designed with no-burrs protection keeping away from hurting hands. Additionally, it can be installed with not only regular 12"x9.6"ATX motherboard but also 12"x13" eATX serverboard within 580mm depth of chassis, welcome worldwide distribution.

Optional Accessories 4U Accessories


right view (1) left view (1)
right view (2) left view (2)
right view (3) left view (3)
top view (1) back view (1)
top view (2) back view (2)
top view (3) back view (3)
top view (4) back view (4)
front view (1) front view (2)
front view (3)  
total 9 drive bay :
3 x 5.25" CD and 6 x 3.5" HDD bay (one of them can fit with 3.5" FDD)
drive bay equipped with anti-vibration function
two USB 2.0 ports at the front bezel
with one 120mm x 25mm intake fan at front bezel with dustproof filter
with two 80mm x 25mm intake fan under the aluminum plug-in card holder

with aluminum extrusion plug-in card holder by 4 spring adjustable clamps

with two Reset buttons, two HDD LED, 1 Power LED, one ATX power switch
support standard 12"x9.6" ATX or 12"x13" Intel EEB 3.61 eATX serverboard
support PS2 or PS2 Mini-Redundant power supply (max. power depth 185mm)
support 7 slot full height cards (full size 342mm deep supported)
standard paint: black or beige
chassis dimension: 19" x 4U x 580mm (22.83" deep)
package: NW 11.4KG, GW 12.4 KG, 3.75 CUFT (77x56x24.6cm, one box packed)
(option 1)
PSU: PS2 single 300W~750W single or redundant power supply with PFC (max. depth to 185mm)
(option 2)
NJ-600: 600mm 2-layer 3-travel universal slide rail (pair), full travel extension up to 1100mm deep
(option 3)
FAN IN THE REAR : two exhaust 80mm x 25mm fan installed above I/O shield of rear panel

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