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4U Enterprise LGA771-775 Server

The features of E450 are, the unique stylish front door and good cooling as well as the dust proof design, its hand tool free top cover with screwless design reduces time for system integration and maintenance. It uses SGCC 1.2mm thickness of sheet metal that the edges or the other parts of section designed with no-burrs protection keeping away from hurting hands. The security front door can be also ensured the data will not be leaked by inappropriate access such as DVD burn in or removable USB drive. Additionally, it can be installed with not only regular 12"x9.6"ATX motherboard but also 12"x13" eATX serverboard within 450mm depth of chassis, welcome worldwide distribution.
Optional Accessories 4U Accessories


front view (1) front view (2)
top view (1) top view (2)
right view back view
Totally 10 drive bay:
3 x 5.25" CD and 7 x 3.5" HDD bay (12"x9.6" ATX)
1 x 5.25" CD and 4 x 3.5" HDD bay (12"x13" eATX)
drive bay equipped with anti-vibration function
equipped with hand tool free screwless top cover (also fix by screws if required)
equipped two USB 2.0 ports behind the butterfly keylock front door
equipped with one 120mm x 25mm intake fan at front bezel

equipped with one 120mm x 25mm intake fan with air filter at front bezel

equipped with plug-in card holder wit 7 short-long card clamp (up and down)
equipped with 2 ABS plastic easy assembly 80 x 25mm fan frames at rear panel
support standard 12"x9.6" ATX or 12"x13" Intel EEB 3.61 eATX serverboard
support PS2 or PS2 Mini-Redundant power supply
support 7 slot full height expansion cards (max. 210mm long)
rear panel installed with two 80 x 25mm exhaust fans (option)
sides of chassis installed with one pair of aluminum extrusion bracket (option)
standard paint: black or beige
chassis dimension: 19" x 4U x 450mm (17.71" deep)
package: NW 9KGM, GW 13 KGM, 2.62 CUFT, (56x53x25cm, single box packed), 900 SET can be full loaded in a 40ft HQ container
Ordering Info
E450B 4U black enterprise LGA771-775 server

PSU PS2 single 300W~750W single or redundant power supply with PFC (support psu depth 200mm)
FAN two exhaust 80 x 25mm fans installed at easy assembly 80 x 25mm fan frames of rear panel
NJ-3032-18 18" slide rail (pair)
E450B-SIDEBK aluminum extrusion brackets installed at two side of chassis (pair)

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