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IDE Flash Disk Module (16MB-1472MB)
General Functions
Compatibility Full IDE hard disk compatible
Capacity 16MB, 32MB, 48MB, 64MB, 96MB
Connector IFM-401 : 40-pin, 2.54mm pitch
IFM-441 : 44-pin, 2.00mm pitch
OS Support DOS, Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000, Windows CE, OS/2 Warp, Linux, QNX, UnixWare
CE Approved  
IDE Interface Command Meets ATA-4 (PIO mode 0 ~ 4)
Reliability MTBF : > 1,000,000 hours
Data reliability : Built-in EDC/ECC function
Endurance Write/Erase: 1 Million cycles (typ.)
Read : Unlimited
System Performance Access time : < 0.1ms
Track to track seek time : < 0.1ms
Bus transfer speed : 16.7Mbytes/Sec.
Environmental and Mechanical
Power Requirement DC input; +5V 10% or +3.3V 5%
Power Consumption
@+3.3V :
<200uA(sleep), <25mA(read), <30mA(write)
@+5V :
<500uA(sleep), <50mA(read), <60mA(write)
Operating Temperature -10XC ~ 70XC
Storage Temperature -25XC ~ 85XC
Humidity 5 ~ 95% non-condensing
Acoustic Noise 0dB
Altitude 50,000 feet
Package Complete plastic housing
Dimensions 58(W) x 33(H) x 8.6(D)mm (IFM-401)
51(W) x 31(H) x 6(D)mm (IFM-441)
Ordering Info
IFM-401- MB IDE flash disk module, 40-pin
IFM-441- MB IDE flash disk module, 40-pin
: Capacity size of each flash disk

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