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PCIe 16X SDVO interface VGA/ DVI graphic card

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The most cost effective dual display solution with customized BIOS.

 Dual Display Demands
The number of users who employ a multiple-display system is increasing. Almost everyone contacted agrees there is a need for a multidisplay system and believes he or she would realize increased product selling points by having more screen space for their systems.
Car PC Gaming Video Conference KIOSK
Military Display System POS Digital Signage Medical Solution
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 PCIMG 1.3
Model PCIE-9650 PCIE-9450 PCIE-9452 PCIE-9152
Model IMBA-X9654 IMBA-9454 IMB-9454 IMB9452 IMB-9154 KINO-9454
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SDVO-100DVI-R10 DVI output , PCIe x16 add-on card by SDVO interface
SDVO-100VGAI-R10 VGA output , PCIe x16, add-on card by SDVO interface

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