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Full size PIAGP Bus
Full size PICMG 1.3
Full size PICMG 1.0
Half size PICMG 1.3
Half size PISA Bus
Half size ISA Bus
Half size PCI Bus
Half size PCI / PCIe

Features Specifications

Supports VIA C7 or EDEN CPU on board for either High performance or Low power.
Compact design with Rich I/O functions for Panel PC, Thin-Client Terminal and Automation
Multiple I/O support, up to 4 x USB ports and 4 x COM ports.
COM1 & COM2 can be powered by 5V or 12V.
Supports Dual 24-bits LVDS LCD. LCD Brightness control with Software ready for Windows XP/2K.
Single 10/100M LAN design with Remote Boot and Wake up on LAN support.

• VIA C7/EDEN CPU with V4 bus in NanoBGA2 package
• C7 supports 1.0G/1.5G/1.8G/2.0GHz.
• EDEN supports 400M/500M/600M/800M/1.0G/1.2GHz.

System BIOS

Award 4M-bit Flash Bios, update utility is available

Main Memory One 184-pins DIMM socket for DDR266/333/400 SDRAM up to 1 GB
Chipset VIA CN700 and VT8237R Plus
10/100M LAN One VIA VT6103L on board for 10/100M LAN
VGA, Audio

• CN700 Integrated S3 Graphic Engine
• Supports CRT and LVDS LCD panel. Dual Independent Display   and Rotation supported by drivers
• 3D AC97 Audio CODEC with Line-Out, Microphone, Line-In,   Center/LF and Surrounding

System Monitoring

• 83627HF integrated hardware monitor chip to monitor Voltages,   Temperatures and FAN speeds
• CPU FAN and System FAN automatically turn on and off based on   CPU and System temperature

On Board I/O

• Two IDE channels with PIO mode 4, Ultra DMA33/66/100 and Bus   Mastering
• One 40-pins IDE connector supports 3.5” HDD/CDROM and one   44-pins connector supports 2.5” HDD or Disk-on-Module
• One 50-pins CF-II socket supports Compact Flash Card
• Two SATA ports support SATA-I and SATA -II devices. Two SATA   ports can be configured as RAID0 or RAID1
• 4 USB 2.0 ports, Dual USB ports cable with mounting bracket   enclosed for external USB devices
• 4 COM ports, one D-Sub connector on external I/O ports and three   serial ports in 2x5-pins box-header. COM2 is RS232/422/485   selectable by jumpers. COM1 and COM2 can be powered with 5V,   12V or Ring-In by jumpers
• 1 x Parallel port supports SPP/ECP/EPP mode
• 1 x IrDA port

Watchdog Timer Programmable watchdog timer from 1~255 seconds.
Board Dimension

• 185mm (W) x 127mm (L)
• Half-Size ISA Bus Card Standard Form Factor


• Supports both AT mode or ATX mode operation
• One 4-pins connector supports ATX 5VSB power and ATX ON/OFF   control signals
• Supplies +5V and +12V output power with 4-pins 3.5” FDD type
   4-pins power connector
• Supports standalone operation with standard 3.5” HDD type 4-pins   power connector

Operating Temperature

• 0 to 60°C operating temperature
• Relative Humility: 5~95%, non-condensing


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